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Last weekend AGU MOS team participated in the national elimination group of the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship MOSWC – Viettel 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship MOSWC – Viettel 2020 is an international playground for students aged from 13 to 22 on a global scale to seek and honor outstanding IT talents in the world in terms of skills to use Microsoft Office informatics applications.
This year, the contestants for the first time joined in the contest with the 2016 version (instead of the 2013 version in the previous years) in all three sections: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.
Participating in the contest, the AGU team had 25 contestants (15 students from the university and 10 students from Pedagogical Practice School). According to the result, there were 20 friends achieving over 700 points and receiving permanently valid MOS certification issued by Microsoft (the winning rate is 80%). Specially, 7 students in the team excellently achieved over 900 points. Currently, the contestants with the highest scores are waiting for the final result of the contest in the south region to be placed into the National Finals.

Đội tuyển Trường ĐHAG tham gia cuộc thi
AGU Team at the contest


Các thí sinh chờ gọi tên vào phòng thi
Contestants waiting to be called into the exam rooms


Đội tuyển có 20 bạn đạt trên 700 điểm và được nhận chứng chỉ MOS do Microsoft cấp
20 contestant in the team achieving over 700 points and receiving MOS certificate issued by Microsoft

Anh Thu - An Giang University Library

Translated by Na Uy

Photo by Trung Hieu – Student Affairs Office

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