On 10th April 2019, An Gang University is accepted to be an associate member of Quality Assurance Network of ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance - AUN-QA.

ASEAN Universities Network - AUN is an independent organization founded in November 1995 and operated under ASEAN’s support and commissions of Ministers of Education and Training of ASEAN nations. This organization aims to promote human resource development in the field of university education among Southeast Asian nations and their partners. One of the major activities of AUN is assuring quality university education in Southeast Asian through establishing its Quality Assurance Network of AUN in 1998. AUN-QA is responsible for promoting quality assurance in universities, enhancing quality of university education and cooperating with other organizations in the region and all over the world for common benefits of community in the region. Since 2013, AUN-QA Secretariat developed the Associate Member Program with the purpose of enhancing quality assurance system and professional skills for universities in the region.
After a period of preparing vital documents and evidences meeting requirements of AUN-QA Organization, in the meeting in March 2019 in Manila - Philippines, AUN-QA Council recognised An Giang University as an associate member of it. Nowadays, AUN-QA Organization has 118 members (30 official members and 88 associate members). In Vietnam, there are 3 universities regarded as an official member and 36 associate members.

Trường Đại học An Giang có môi trường dạy - học tích cực, hiệu quả và sáng tạo
An Giang University has a positive, effective and creative teaching-learning environment


Nhà trường không ngừng nâng cao chất lượng nghiên cứu, ứng dụng khoa học và chuyển giao công nghệ phục vụ đào tạo và cộng đồng
The university always continues enhancing qualities of research, scientific applications and technology transfer of serving training and community


Công tác hợp tác quốc tế được tăng cường
International cooperation affairs are promoted


Trường phát triển nguồn nhân lực theo chuẩn quốc tế
The university develops human resource according to international criteria


Tập thể Ban Giám hiệu Trường ĐHAG nhận giấy chứng nhận đạt chuẩn KĐCL cơ sở giáo dục giai đoạn 2018-2023
The Rector Board of An Giang University received the Certificate of Quality Inspection for Universities in the period of 2018-2023

Becoming an associate member of AUN-QA not only helps An Giang University continue changing training activities, scientific research and other activities to approaching regional criteria but also gives the university and its curricula opportunities to be assessed and verified by AUN-QA. Then, the university will have more chances to cooperate with AUN and its partners in training activities, scientific research, student exchange programs, improving the capacity of quality assurance staff.
In March 2018, An Giang University is recognized as a university meeting requirements of quality inspection for universities in the period of 2018-2023, and now it officially becomes an associate member of AUN-QA, After becoming an associate member, the university intends to carry out activities of quality assurance such as appointing officers and lecturers to participate in training courses of AUN-QA, cooperating with AUN-QA in holding training workshops in quality assurance, initiating external evaluations for 15 curricula in the next five years and external evaluations for the university in 2023 according to set of inspection criteria of AUN-QA.
Such aforementioned results express very strong determination of Party Committee, the Rector Board and all officers and civil servants in An Giang University of continuous changes of activities, enhancement of its position in the region and all over the world to create crucial premises of quality enhancement of curricula of the university, especially innovative curriculum and highly qualified curriculum to approaching regional and international standards. All these actions are in accordance with the orientation of Resolution No. 29 issued by the eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam about “basically and overall innovating education and training, fulfilling the requirements of industrialization and modernization under the circumstance of socialist-orientation market economy and international integration” as well as with the Education’s action plan for implementing that of the central government adopting the Resolution No. 29 issued as the attachment to Decision No. 2653/QĐ-BGDĐT signed on July 25th, 2014 by the Minister of Education and Training.

Ho Nha Phong - Anh Thu

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