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On 12/12/2019, 3 lecturers and 1 student of An Giang University were commended at the "VNU-HCM Typical Young Cadres and 5-Good-Deed Students Festival 2019" by the Board of Personnel of Youth Union at VNU-HCM.

The festival aimed to introduce, commend and replicate outstanding young cadres, lecturers, teachers and students with many contributions to the construction and development of VNU-HCM; it is also an opportunity for delegates of member universities to exchange and learn from each other's experiences in work and in learning.
At the Festival, VNU-HCM commended 46 typical young cadres, 134 5-good-deed students, 11 5-good-deed students for 3 consecutive years and 6 groups of 5-good-deed students. As for AGU, there was Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai, M.A. - Deputy Secretary of the Pedagogical Practice School Delegation - who was commended as one of the “10 Typical young cadres of VNU-HCM"; 
Mr. Tran Trung Quoc, M.A. - Deputy Secretary of the Delegation of the Youth Union, President of the Student Association, and Mr. Duong Thi Yen Thu, M.A. – Member of the Service Management Center, Deputy Chairman of the Gender Equality Club were commended "Typical young staff of VNU- HCM ”; 
Mr. Ngo Chi Linh - DH17TH, Deputy Secretary of the Information Technology Delegation was one of the 14 delegates commended “Typical 5-good-deed student of VNU-HCM".

ThS Nguyễn Hồng Hải - đại biểu được tuyên dương “Cán bộ trẻ tiêu biểu điển hình ĐHQG-HCM”
MSc Nguyen Hong Hai was commended as "Typical young cadre of VNU-HCM"


ThS Trần Trung Quốc và ThS Dương Thị Yến Thu được tuyên dương “Cán bộ trẻ tiêu biểu ĐHQG-HCM”
Mr. Tran Trung Quoc and Mr. Duong Thi Yen Thu were praised as "Typical young cadre of VNU-HCM"


Bạn Ngô Chí Linh - đại biểu được tuyên dương “Sinh viên 5 tốt tiêu biểu ĐHQG-HCM”
Mr. Ngo Chi Linh was commended as "Typical 5-good-deed student of VNU-HCM"


Các đại biểu cùng chụp ảnh lưu niệm
Delegates took souvenir photos

Compiled by Anh Thu (An Giang University Library)

Translated by Le Do Thai

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