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From April 10-12, 2017, Center for Rural Research and Development of An Giang University visited the models of clean agricultural production in some districts of Dong Thap and An Giang provinces.

In Thanh Binh district, Dong Thap province, the delegation worked with the Board of Directors of Tan Binh Cooperative, one of the effective cooperatives of Dong Thap. Here, after listening to the report on production methods of the cooperative, the delegation of the Center for Research and Rural Development was guided to field visits to learn and exchange directions for developing clean agricultural products. With the aim to improve profitability by shortening the gap from production to consumption and reducing post-harvest losses, since established until so far, Tan Binh Agriculture Cooperative has been always oriented to build models of rice production field in a clean process, including the supply of input materials and consumption. This new way of business has contributed to ensuring benefits for cooperative members by reducing production costs. Currently, the cooperative provides 9 production services that fully meet the practical requirements for cooperative members such as irrigation, ploughing, trading agricultural materials, capital support, harvesters, seeds, clean water, temporary storage and consumption of rice with sales and profits highly inscreasing annually, notably the model of organic rice cultivation being piloted, promising to bring clean agricultural products to consumers. Visiting the farm model in Thuong Thoi Tien commune, Hong Ngu district, the delegation of the Center for Rural Research and Development appreciated the creativity and persistence of Vo Van Tieng, a young startuper with the farming model of 40 hectares of clean rice farming, bring clean rice products branded Tam Viet to people. In Tan An commune, Tan Chau town, An Giang province, the delegation was impressed with the model of research and production of rice seeds by "farmer scientist" Hoa Si Hien. With the goal of bringing to the community high quality and novel varieties with adaptation to climate change, after a long time of research, Hoa Si Hien has successfully crossbred 30 new varieties of rice branded TC, SH. It is noteworthy that some of these varieties grow well in regions with salt water.

Dr. Nguyen Van Kien, Director of the Center for Rural Research and Development, said that this is a field trip to survey and share experience as grounds for developing an orientation research for strategic development of agriculture and rural areas in the Mekong Delta with good models, creating clean products, ensuring the health of the community.

Bao Phong (Translated by Le Do Thai)

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