Online seminar of choosing and publishing articles on prestigious international journals

On May 17th, the online workshop of choosing and publishing articles on prestigious international journals was organized by the National Agency For Science And Technology Information, and Elsevier publisher, with the representation An Giang University’s staff.

Elsevier is the world’s leading source for scientific publications, storing over 13 million article records,  nearly 2.300 journals with more than 300.000 article are published every year, accounting for 27% of the total publications worldwide.  The total number of annual downloads comes to 750 million.

The seminar was held with the participation of Vietnam National University, Hanoi University and local Universities across Vietnam. An Giang University’s video-conference belonged to the bridge point of Vietnam National University, HCM along with the University of Economics and Law and the University of Social Sciences & Humanities.
Mr.Nicholas Pak of Elsevier Publisher guided the participants how to choose and publish journal articles, specifically how to select prestigious journals through websites such as ( or ( Mr.Nicholas Pak of Elsevier Publisher noted that it would be better for authors to use English or foreign languages directly,  especially use proper scientific terminology, standard writing structure and precise citations. 

The representative of the National Agency for Science and Technology Information also introduced its scientifcic information like  the free databases of the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology with approximately 320.000 records, and over updated annually 11.000 records. It will be an official and crucial information resource for researchers and scientists to update the information of science and technology fields.

The member of An Giang University can access databases which were introduced at the seminar through

Huu Nghi - An Giang University Library
Translated by Thanh Phu - DH22TA3



The overall of the workshop
An Giang University’s staff
Mr.Nicholas Pak, representative of Elsevier Publisher