Commencing the formal accreditation survey for the 04 programs in accordance with FIBBA standards

On January 30, 2024, An Giang University, VNU-HCM, in partnership with FIBAA, initiated the formal accreditation for four programs: Accounting, International Economics, Business Administration, and Banking and Finance within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

In his opening address, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang, the Rector of An Giang University, underscored the importance of quality assurance in training programs. He emphasized the evaluation process led by FIBAA experts as a valuable opportunity for the institution to identify strengths and areas for improvement in its training programs, enabling continuous enhancement of education quality. The Rector also urged participants in the external assessment to diligently execute their assigned tasks and collaborate closely with the expert team to optimize support for the evaluation process.

At the opening ceremony, MSc. Nguyen Dang Khoa, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, provided an overview of the University of An Giang, the evaluated training programs, and summarized key aspects of the university’s self-assessment and that of the faculty. 
The formal online evaluation took place from January 30 to February 1, 2024. Throughout this period, experts conducted interviews with the leadership, academic managers, teaching staff, support staff, students, and alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, aiming to gain comprehensive insights into each training program.

FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, is a Swiss Government-recognized quality assurance organization with offices in Born, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland. Its mission is to globally assess, evaluate, and enhance educational organizations and programs. FIBAA's standards, comprising five criteria and 24 sub-criteria, cover all quality assurance activities in training programs. The organization's certification is globally recognized and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam

Anh Thu - An Giang University Library

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Attendees at the opening ceremony
Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang delivering the opening speech
MSc. Nguyen Dang Khoa, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, summarizing key aspects of the University and Faculty's self-assessment process
Ms. Friderike Uphoff, FIBAA Project Manager, leading the survey session
Prof. Mouna Thiele, FIBAA expert team member, conducting interview questions
Dr. Nguyen Huu Tri, Head of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, responding to expert inquiries
Overview of the Zoom platform opening session