Welcomed the Delegation from An Giang Cooperative Alliance, Matsuyama Company, and My Farm Company (Japan)

On March 13, 2024, An Giang University held a discussion with the delegation from An Giang Cooperative Alliance, along with the leadership from Matsuyama Company and My Farm Company (Japan).

The delegation were represented by Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh - Vice President of Cooperative Alliance of An Giang province and Mr. Makoto Ota - Project Manager.

Representing An Giang University were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang - President, and unit leaders.

Mr. Makoto Ota briefly introduced the project of "Feasibility study on intercropping soybeans in the Mekong Delta rice fields using Japanese agricultural machinery".

The project, sponsored by JICA, aimed to establish a value chain for soybean products, diversify products, improve soil fertility, and increase income for farmers in An Giang. During the project implementation, the company encountered some obstacles and wished to learn from An Giang University's experience in planting Japanese soybean varieties. Attendees also exchanged information on cultivation techniques, types, growth time, and ways to prevent pests and diseases.

President Vo Van Thang extended his gratitude to An Giang Cooperative Alliance for facilitating the connection among An Giang University, Matsuyama Company (Japan), and My Farm Company (Japan). He expressed hope for further collaborative research among all parties in the future.

 Huynh Linh - EXRO
 Photos: Le My - An Giang University Library
Translated by e-News Groups


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