On March 31st 2018, An Giang University established an Academic and Research Committee to evaluate the project proposal entitled “Developing database and software to manage information of Party members at An Giang University” presented by Mr. Huynh Phuoc Hai, Lecturer of Faculty of Information Technology – project leader. The Committee consisted of Mr. Le Quoc Cuong – Vice Rector, Mr. Phan Minh Tri – Deputy Head of the Politics and Organisation Office, Ms. Le Thi Minh Nguyet - Lecturer of Faculty of Information Technology.

ThS. Huỳnh Phước Hải báo cáo đề cương nghiên cứu trước Hội đồng

Mr. Huynh Phuoc Hai presented the project proposal to the Committee

ThS. Huỳnh Phước Hải báo cáo đề cương nghiên cứu trước Hội đồng

The project was proposed in order to support the Party Office in managing and keeping track of information of the Party members quickly and accurately.

The proposed project was highly evaluated in terms of scientific and practice values since the practice of managing and reporting information of Party members had not been sufficiently done. The project, if successfully undertaken, would be of great assistance to the practice of managing and reporting Party members’ information for further directions and activities of the Party. Upon completion, the project could also be used for commercialisation.

The Committee made suggestions for revisions focusing on highlighting the significance of the project, adding more relevant literature of this issue and the limitations of previous research, clarifying the involved documents on managing Party members and the software used to manage school staff’s and Party members’ information. The project was scored 84.86/100 and would be undertaken after revisions as requested by the Committee.

A Dong – Research and International Relations Office

Translated by Chi Do Na

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