On April 20th 2018, the Academic and Research Committee of An Giang University held a meeting to evaluate the project proposal entitled “Developing educational problem – solving skills for students of the Faculty of Education, An Giang University – Practices and Solutions” of Ms. Tran Thi Huyen – Deputy Head of the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education (project leader).

The projects aimed at describing the current practices and challenges in developing students’ educational problem-solving skills; pointing out the causes and solutions to improve those skills for students of the Faculty of Education, An Giang University

Toàn cảnh buổi xét duyệt đề cương chi tiết đề tài do ThS. Trần Thị Huyền làm chủ nhiệm

The evaluation session of project proposal of Ms. Tran Thi Huyen (project leader)

The Committee highly evaluated the practical implications of the projects because dealing with educational problems is one of the daily tasks of a teacher. So, being able to effectively handle these issues is extremely necessary. Especially, inexperienced teachers usually have trouble in solving these problems. Hence, the project will greatly contribute to reveal the causes of the problems and suggest possible solutions to develop problem-solving skills in education for students. 
The Committee members provided much feedback for revisions and gave a score of 81.8/100 for the project.

Lan Phuong – Research and Postgraduate Education Management Office
Translated by Chi Do Na

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