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On January 9, also on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Vietnamese Students’ Day, An Giang University held a commendation and rewarded for individuals with the title of 5-good-deed Student, Star of January, and students with excellent scholastic records in the academic year 2018 – 2019.

At the ceremony, the University commended one student who won the title “Star of January” at the state level and of the typical 5-good-deed students at the VNU-HCM level, 44 students who achieved the title of 5-good-deed Student and 22 other students were recognized as the Stars of January of the University level. Besides, the University also awarded 78 students for their excellent learning results in the academic year 2018-2019.
According to Mr. Tran Trung Quoc, President of the AGU Student Union, during the period of 2018-2020, the Student Union praised 119 students as the 5-good-deed Student and 48 students as the Star of January; there were also 14 other students awarded the title of 5-good-deed students at the provincial level, 2 students awarded the title of the Star of January at the state level, and 1 student awarded the title of 5-good-deed Students and typical 5 good students at the VNU-HCM level.

Văn nghệ chào mừng kỷ niệm 70 năm Ngày truyền thống học sinh, sinh viên Việt Nam
Entertainment activities celebrated the 70th anniversary of Vietnamese Students' Day


Bạn Ngô Chí Linh – DH17TH được tuyên dương danh hiệu Sao Tháng Giêng cấp Trung ương và Sinh viên 5 tốt tiêu biểu cấp ĐHQG-HCM
Ngo Chi Linh - DH17TH was commended the title of the Star of January at the state level and the typical 5-good-deed student at the VNU-HCM level


Nhà trường tuyên dương 44 Sinh viên 5 tốt cấp Trường
The university honored 44 5-good-deed students at the university level


22 students were awarded Star of January at the university level


16 sinh viên có thành tích xuất sắc nhất được nhận Giấy khen của Hiệu trưởng
16 students with the most outstanding academic achievements were awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Rector


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang - Rector of An Giang University - sent congratulations to all students of the University on the occasion of celebrating Vietnamese Students’ Day and praised the students for their achievements in the past year. He wished the students of the University to pay more attention to scientific studies, constantly explore creativity, and  cultivate foreign language and integration skills. He encouraged the students to constantly strive, train, overcome shortcomings, and spread enthusiasm and dynamism to the community, deserving being students of An Giang University - VNU-HCM.
At the ceremony, the students also had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Lam Ba Son (Alumni of the Faculty of Business Administration) talking about the topic "Secrets to conquer employers". Through intimate conversations, the students were equipped with experiences when coming to participate in a job interview, and some interview skills and the difficulties that students often encounter on the way to find a job. As an employer, Mr. Lam Ba Son said that the titles like “5-good-deed Student and Star of January” were not only considered as an important measure in assessing students' training process but also a decisive factor in the recruitment process.
The meeting is not only a traditional event of the Student Union, but also an activity to motivate and promote students’ spirit of striving in learning and training, thereby helping them have more motivation to improve themselves, obtaining the titles of Star of January and the 5-good-deed Student.


Các sinh viên đạt kết quả Giỏi – Xuất sắc trong năm học 2018-2019 được khen thưởng
Students with excellent academic results in the 2018-2019 academic year were rewarded the Certificates


Giao lưu cùng sinh viên, cựu sinh viên tiêu biểu
The interaction between distinguished students and alumni


PGS.TS Võ Văn Thắng – Hiệu trưởng Nhà trường phát biểu chúc mừng và nhắn nhủ cùng các sinh viên
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang made a speech to congratulate students


ThS Trần Trung Quốc - Chủ tịch Hội Sinh viên Trường tặng hoa cảm ơn lãnh đạo Nhà trường và Tỉnh đoàn An Giang
Mr. Tran Trung Quoc - President of the Student Union of the University gave flowers to the leaders of the University and An Giang’s Youth Union


Ngoc Tram - Thanh Da

Translated by Le Do Thai

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