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On September 28th, 2018, An Giang University launched the competition entitled “Innovative like a Swede 2018” sponsored by Embassy of Sweden and other Swedish entreprises in Vietnam and supported by Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Attending the event were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat – Vice Rector of An Giang University, representatives from Embassy of Sweden in Vietam, IKEA Company, Uppsala University, Heads of school divisions, and over 200 students of An Giang University.

Đông đảo sinh viên tham dự buổi lễ phát động cuộc thi
The students at the event


PGS,TS. Trần Văn Đạt – Phó Hiệu trưởng Nhà trường mong muốn sẽ có nhiều sinh viên AGU tham dự và đạt giải trong cuộc thi
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat – Vice Rector of An Giang University hoping for participation and successful achievements of An Giang University students


The competition was to encourage college students’ creativity and proposed solutions for Sustainable Development Goal 11 (sustainable development in urban and rural areas for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, work and residence safety and sustainable human settlement) in accordance with Vietnam National Action Plan for the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda proposed by United Nations.

Ông Johan Alvin – Phụ trách Kinh tế và Thương mại của ĐSQ Thụy Điển giới thiệu về đất nước Thụy Điển và mục tiêu phát triển bền vững
Mr. Johan Alvin - Trade and Economic Affairs, Embassy of Sweden introducing Sweden and the goals for sustainable development


Bà Anna-Klara Linderborg – đại diện Trường ĐH Uppsala giới thiệu cơ hội học tập tại Thụy Điển
Ms. Anna-Klara Linderborg – from Uppsala University introducing educational opportunities in Sweden


At the event, the students were introduced to Sweden, sustainable development and innovations, innovative plans for sustainable development of Swedish entreprises, policies to encourage innovations from staff. The students also listened to an inspiring start-up story of IKEA Company – a famous brand for Interior Design in Sweden. The students also got to know the postgraduate educational system of Sweden with innovations and practicality presented by the representative of Uppsala University.

Đại diện Công ty IKEA giới thiệu về câu chuyện sáng tạo trong các sản phẩm của Thụy Điển
Representative of IKEA Company introducing the innovations in Swedish products


Phó Hiệu trưởng tặng quà lưu niệm của Trường cho các đại biểu
Vice Rector of An Giang University presenting souvenirs to the delegates


Ông Johan Alvin đại diện ĐSQ Thụy Điển tại VN nhận quà lưu niệm của Nhà trường
Mr. Johan Alvin representing the Embassy of Sweden receiving the gifts of An Giang University


Especially, the students were introduced to the eligibility and requirements of the “Innovative Like a Swede” national competition focusing on “Sustainable production and consumption”. The students, in pairs, would send their innovative ideas on innovative solutions for soio-economic development, environment and resource protection, mitigation to challenges from climate change, pollution, and effective use of natural resources...

All innovative plans would be submitted by October 28th, 2018 to the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam at https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/embassies/vietnam-hanoi/contact/. The First Prize would include a visit to Headquarters of the entreprises in Sweden and Uppsala University. Other winners would have a chance to do internships at Swedish companies in Vietnam.

Quý thầy cô và các bạn sinh viên cùng chụp ảnh lưu niệm
The group photo of the teachers and students


Cán bộ Phòng Quan hệ đối ngoại và các đại biểu từ ĐSQ Thụy Điển và Công ty IKEA
The staff of External Relations Office, the Delegates from Embassy of Sweden and IKEA Company

Anh Thu and Huynh Nhu – An Giang University Library

Photo: Anh Thu - Quang Truong

Translated by Chi Do Na

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