On November 22nd 2018, Assoc. Prof. Vo Van Thang, Rector of An Giang University (AGU) together with unit leaders had a meeting with Representatives from National Quemoy University (NQU).

Representing NQU,  Prof. Yen Yu-Fang, Dean of Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs,  had an introduction about the NQU as well as potential fields that the two universities can implement cooperation. On this occasion, the two universities also discussed programs taught in English and exchange programs for lecturers and students.

Toàn cảnh buổi làm việc
General picture about the meeting


Giáo sư Yen Yu – Fang giới thiệu về những thế mạnh của Đại học Quốc gia QueMoy
Prof. Yu – Fang introducing National Quemoy University


TS. Chau Thi Đa – Trưởng phòng Quan hệ đối ngoại giới thiệu về Trường Đại học An Giang
Dr. Chau Thi Da – introducing An Giang University


The two university agreed on signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in training and research. Particularly, two universities will implement sharing teaching materials, exchanging lecturers and students, mutually introducing culture of two countries and other activities agreed by two parties. 
The MoU is expected to open more opportunities for academic enhancing and exchanging between two university by promoting strengths of each party.

ThS Phan Văn Chí – Phó Giám đốc Trung tâm Ngoại ngữ trao đổi thêm về việc giảng dạy ngoại ngữ
Mr Phan Van Chi – Vice Director, Center for Foreign Languages addressing teaching foreign languages


Giáo sư Yen Yu – Fang giới thiệu món quà lưu niệm với ý nghĩa mang lại sự cát tường và may mắn
Prof. Yen Yu – Fang introducing the souvenir gift from the Rector of NQU and its meaning of good luck


PGS,TS Võ Văn Thắng tặng quà lưu niệm cho Giáo sư Yen Yu – Fang
Assoc. Prof. Vo Van Thang giving souvenir gift to Prof. Yen Yu – Fang


PGS,TS Võ Văn Thắng – Hiệu trưởng cùng Giáo sư Yen Yu – Fang trao bản ký kết ghi nhớ (MOU) giữa hai trường
Assoc. Prof. Vo Van Thang  and Prof. Yen Yu – Fang presenting each other the MoU


After the meeting, the delegation from NQU paid a visit to the Library, and Faculty of Foreign Languages and facilities for learning foreign languages.

Đoàn Đại học Quốc gia QueMoy tham quan Thư viện Trường Đại học An Giang
NQU delegation visiting AGU Library


Giáo sư Yen Yu – Fang viết lời cảm nhận khi lần đầu đến thăm Thư viện Trường
Prof. Yen Yu – Fang expressing her feeling about her visit to the Library

Huynh Cam - An Giang University Library
Translated by Nauy

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