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On December 31st, 2020, “The 13th Red Sunday – 2021” took place at An Giang University. The activity was organized by the AGU’s Student Association in collaboration with the Tien Phong Newspaper, the National Traffic Safety Committee, and the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

With the message "Donating blood to save lives - Your and my life", this activity attracted a large number of students from An Giang University and other units outside the school to join.
Tran Trung Quoc, M.A. – Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of An Giang University, said: “The movement of voluntary blood donation at AGU takes place annually and always receives positive responses from the students. This year, facing with the Covid-19 epidemic, The Organizing Committee has implemented this activity in accordance with the 5K principle (Khẩu trang – Mask, Khử khuẩn – Disinfection, Khoảng cách – Distance, Không tập trung – Not concentration, Khai báo y tế – Medical declaration) to ensure epidemic prevention factors”.
Nguyen Hoai Dung (DH18SU) shared: “Blood donation is a very meaningful activity, helping the community and should continue to be expanded. With the gesture of donating blood to save people, students can dedicate themselves to the social community”.

Thuy Ngan - Huu Loi
Translated by Quoc Huy – DH19TA1

Toàn cảnh lễ khai mạc ngày hội Chủ nhật đỏ
Overview of the opening ceremony of the Red Sunday activity


Đông đảo đoàn viên, sinh viên và các đơn vị đăng ký tham gia hiến máu
Numerous union members, students and units registered to participate in blood donation


Các bạn tham gia được khám sức khỏe trước khi hiến máu
Participants are given medical examination before donating blood


Hiến máu cứu người – một nghĩa cử cao đẹp
Donating blood to save people - a noble gesture


Các chiến sĩ công an cùng tham gia chương trình
Policemen joined the program


Ban Tổ chức ghi nhận nghĩa cử cao đẹp của các bạn sinh viên
The Organizing Committee acknowledged the noble gestures of students


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