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On September 14th – 15th, 2018, nine students of An Giang University took part in the regional semi-final round of the “Shine your dreams” competition with college students from Can Tho City.

“Shine your dreams” held by Dell Company is a talent and beauty competition for young people who are passionate about and active in achieving their dreams. This is the playground for the young to show their talents and broaden their relations. The two winners will then represent Dell Company in their marketing campaigns. 

In this two-day competition, the contestants made video clips to spread the message of environmental protection and went through 4 rounds including streetstyle fashion, talents (music, role-plays, dancing...), public speaking, and final questions of top 10 finalists. The participants also took part in community service such as visiting and offering gifts to children at Thien An Orphanage in Can Tho City.

Các thí sinh vào TOP 10 vòng bán kết
The contestants of the top 10 in the semi-final round


Bạn Lê Hữu Tánh – CD40AN thể hiện tài năng ca hát, bạn cũng là thí sinh đoạt giải Vàng và giải phụ “Thí sinh được yêu thích nhất”
Le Huu Tanh of CD40AN performing his music talent, winning the Gold Prize and the Extra Prize for the Favourite Contestant


Bạn Nguyễn Phạm Hoàng Ngân - DH17LY thể hiện tài năng diễn kịch
Nguyen Pham Hoang Ngan of DH17LY performing her role-play talent


Bạn Nguyễn Ngọc Muyễn - DH17NV trả lời câu hỏi của BGK trong vòng thi ứng xử
Nguyen Ngoc Muyen of DH17NV answering questions from the judges


After the challenges, four students of An Giang University got to Top 10 for the final questions and winning the First Prizes (Le Huu Tanh – CD40AN and Nguyen Pham Hoang Ngan – DH17LY), one Silver Prize of Nguyen Ngoc Muyen (DH17NV). The An Giang University team also won the prizes for the Favourite Contestants at the selection and semi-final rounds, Dell Styles and one Consolation Prize.

The three winners of Gold and Silver Prizes would represent the Southwest region in the national final round in January 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bạn Hữu Tánh và Hoàng Ngân đoạt giải “Nam vương” và “Hoa khôi” của vòng bán kết
Le Huu Tanh and Nguyen Pham Hoang Ngan – winning the First Prizes in the semi-final round


Bạn Ngọc Muyễn đoạt giải Bạc của khu vực Tây Nam Bộ
Ngoc Muyen winning the Silver Prize of the Southwest region


Bạn Hoàng Ngân đoạt giải phụ “Phong cách cùng Dell”
Hoang Ngan winning the prize for Dell Style


Bộ ba thí sinh AGU đoạt giải cao nhất vòng bán kết
The three winners from AGU in the semi-final round


Trong khuôn khổ cuộc thi, các thí sinh cùng BTC đã đến thăm Cơ sở nuôi dạy trẻ mồ côi Thiên Ân
The contestants and Competition Committee visiting Thien An Orphanage

Trung Hieu – Students Affairs Office

Translated by Chi Do Na

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