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The annual National Physics Olympiad organised by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam Physics Association, universities and colleges aims to develop the quality of Physics education, seek talents in Physics, and promote further information exchange among students.

Lễ khai mạc Kỳ thi Olympic Vật lý SV toàn quốc 2018


The 21st National Physics Olympiad 2018 was held at Dong Nai University from 19/04/2018 to 22/04/2018 with the participation of 43 teams from universities, colleges, and institutions nationwide. The competition included Exercises, Experiments, and Multiple Choices.

Đội tuyển Olympic Vật lý SV ĐHAG 2018


The An Giang University team had outstanding achievements in the competition with three Second Prizes, three Third Prizes, and one Second Group Prize 

Individual prizes included
1. Le Minh Nhut, class DH15LY -  01 Second Prize (Multiple choices) and 01 Third prize (Exercises).
2. Pham Thi Thu Hien, class DH15LY – Second Prize (Multiple choices).
3. Le Nhu Huynh, class DH16LY - Second Prize (Multiple choices).
4. Duong Thi Thu Yen, class DH15LY – Third prize (Experiments).
5. Nguyen Phuoc Ty Loc, class DH16LY - Third prize (Experiments).
* Group prize:
An Giang University - Second Group Prize.

Đội tuyển ĐHAG nhận bằng khen của Hội Vật lý Việt Nam


Lãnh đạo đoàn và Sinh viên nhận Bằng khen của Hội Vật lý Việt Nam


Ban Tổ chức Kỳ thi Olympic Vật lý SV toàn quốc 2018

The 21st National Physics Olympiad 2018 was successfully held. The closing ceremony marked the achievements of all teams with the certificates of merits presented by Vietnam Physics Association for high-performance teams and team leaders. Next-year competition held at Thuyloi University was also hoped for more outstanding achievements.

Cong Kha – Students Affairs Office
Translated by Chi Do Na


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