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In the evening of April 03, 2017, An Giang University (AGU) had a meeting with Dr. Aaron Loh, Director of the International Cooperation Office of the Master of Business Administration Program, Graduate School of Business, Assumption University, Thailand.

Attending the meeting were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Dat - Vice President of the School, Board of Management and lecturers of the Faculty of Economics - Business Administration and leaders of the Department of Management of Science and International Cooperation.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the possibility of cooperation between the two schools in opening the MBA program at AGU. Details are as follows:

Expected to promote the implementation of the MBA program at AGU by the end of 2017 Assumption University will assist AGU to develop an international MBA program by 2019;

The obstacles and solutions addressed during the implementation of the program include:

  • Accreditation: Training programs of Assumption University have been accredited by the Thai Higher Education Commission and other accreditation bodies.
  • Schedule: To complete the program in two years students need to achieve 48 credits, including 15 for graduation thesis.
  • Học phí: Khoảng 10.000USD nếu học tại ĐH Assumption, Thủ đô Bangkok, Thái Lan. Hai trường đang thảo luận thực hiện chương trình đào tạo này tại Trường ĐHAG với mức học phí phù hợp hơn cho người học tại địa phương. Ngoài ra, chương trình học sandwich theo đó học viên có thể học ở An Giang và Bangkok cũng được xem xét.
  • Tuition: About $10,000 if you study at Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. Two schools are discussing the implementation of this program at AGU with tuition fees that are more affordable for local learners. In addition, sandwich programs where students can study in both An Giang and Bangkok are also considered.
  • Ability of foreign language input: The program is based on the results of face-to-face interviews, in place of commonly used language certificates, to test listening comprehension and communication skills in accordance with the curriculum.

In addition, the two schools will review the terms of the draft Memorandum of Cooperation and will proceed to sign as soon as possible.

Hai Yen (Translated by Le Do Thai)

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