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From April 14th to April 17th, the Physics Olympic team of An Giang University participated in the 23rd National Student Physics Olympiad in 2021 at Vinh Long University of Technical Education.

The contest was organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in coordination with the Vietnam Physics Association. Participating in this contest were 206 students with 36 teams from academies and universities.
An Giang University had 4 candidates competing in all contents: Practical Exercises, Experiments, and Multiple Choices.
The AGU team won the Third Group Prize, two Second Prizes in Multiple Choices, two Second Prizes in Experiments, and two Consolation Prizes in Exercises. In addition, MSc Huynh Tat Thanh - Lecturer in Physics Department was awarded a Certificate by the Vietnam Physics Association for his many contributions to the Student Physics Olympiad in recent years.
The 24th National Student Physics Olympiad in 2022 will be held at Phenikaa University in Hanoi.

Anh Thu - An Giang University Library
Photos: Cong Luan – Students Affairs Office
Translated by Quoc Huy – DH19TA1

Đội tuyển Olympic Vật lý của Trường ĐHAG tham gia Hội thi
The Physics Olympiad team of An Giang University


TS Nguyễn Văn Mện (bìa trái) – Trường BM Vật lý, Trưởng đoàn ĐHAG nhận hoa lưu niệm từ Ban Tổ chức
Dr Nguyen Van Men (left) – Head of Physics Department, the Leader of the AGU group received flowers from the Organizing Committee


Các thí sinh đội ĐHAG trước giờ dự thi
Candidates of AGU before the contest


ThS Huỳnh Tất Thành (đứng giữa) cùng các cá nhân nhận bằng khen của Hội Vật lý Việt Nam
MSc Huynh Tat Thanh (middle) with others received Certificate by the Vietnam Physics Association


Đoàn ĐHAG chụp ảnh lưu niệm cùng Ban Tổ chức
AGU group took photos with Organizing Committee


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