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On October 12th, 2018, Faculty of Tourism, Culture and Arts cooperated with Faculty of Information Technology to hold the International Workshop on “The Implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution to Develop Tourism in An Giang” with nearly 100 attendants.

Ts Đoàn Thanh Nghị - Trưởng khoa CNTT khai mạc hội thảo


Đại diện lãnh đạo khoa tặng hoa cho nhà tài trợ


Attending the workshop were Mr. Pham The Trieu – Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Truong Kien Tho – Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Le Viet Phuong – Deputy Director of An Giang Department of Information and Communications.

Ông Trương Kiến Thọ - PGĐ Sở KHCN phát biểu


Ts Lê Việt Phương - PGĐ SỞ TT&TT phát biểu tại hội thảo


From business organisations and sponsors were Mr. Lu Thanh Phuong – Director of HD Bank in An Giang, Mr. Le Hong Tu – Director of Trip Tour Company – the main sponsor, Mr. Le Minh Tam – Deputy Director of Long Xuyen Tourist, Mr. Ngo Quang Minh – Representative of Vietravel Company in Long Xuyen.

Ông Lê Hồng Tú - GĐ Cty CP Dịch vụ Trip Tour báo cáo tại hội thảo


Ông Lê Minh Tâm - PGĐ Long Xuyên Tourist - phát biểu tại hội thảo


Ông Ngô Quang Minh đại diện Cty Vietravel chi Nhánh Long Xuyên phát biểu


Representing An Giang University were Heads of Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Tourism, Culture and Arts, Library, Office of Research Management and Postgraduate Education, staff and students of the two faculties.

Ths Mai Thị Minh Thuy - Phó trưởng khoa DL&VHNT phát biểu


There were five presentations at the workshop focusing on Tourism development in the era of information technology, E-commerce in Tourism, GIS design for Tourism in An Giang, Internet Marketing in Tourism and religious tourism using Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ths Huỳnh Thị Như Lam - GĐ TT Xúc tiến Du lịch báo cáo tại hội thảo


The workshop attracted much attention from the participants with discussions and information exchange on using information technology in tourism, digitisation, enhancement of offline software, webs, and applications, innovations in Tourism education using technology to support the students’ future careers.

Dr. Doan Thanh Nghi – Dean of Faculty of Information Technology remarked the success of the workshop and the appreciation for feedback for further development in tourism using technology in An Giang.

SV NGuyễn Thái Bình phát biểu thảo luận


Báo cáo viên giải trình


Chụp ảnh lưu niệm

Phuong Bui – Faculty of Tourism, Culture and Arts

Translated by Chi Do Na

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