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On December 7th 2019, Assoc.Prof. Vo Van Thang - Rector of An Giang University attended the Global Human Resources Forum 2018 organized in Hanoi by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training and South Korea’s Ministry of Education in coordination with the Vietnam Economic Times.

The Forum welcomed the presence of Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc - Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, rectors of universities, representatives of management agencies, research institutes, cultural and educational organizations, personnel management agencies, and organizations in the field of human resource development of Vietnam and Korea.

Các diễn giả tham dự chương trình


Địa biểu phát biểu tại chương trình


The 2018 Global Human Resource Forum 2018 went toward building a people-Centered Society. The Forum brought forwards topics related to the developing a education system in order to meet future challenges in the 21st century with the rapid change of technology, knowledge and the 4.0 industrial revolution.

PGS TS. Võ Văn Thắng - Hiệu trưởng tham dự Diễn đàn


The Global Human Resource Forum is known as one of the important events that marks a strong and sustainable relationship between Vietnam and South Korea. It offers great opportunities to promote cooperative relation in education and training between two countries as well as to share experience in education development of South Korea.

Huynh Cam - An Giang University Library
Translated by Nauy

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