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On October 23, at the Closing and Awarding Ceremony for the Contest "Reading Culture Ambassador 2020" organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Che Thi Ngoc Han, a student in class DH18NV from the Faculty of Education was honored to receive the Consolation Prize.

The contest is one of the activities to implement the Project on developing reading culture in the community to 2020, with a vision to 2030. It aims to arouse excitement and passion for reading; thereby encourages and promotes the reading movement in young generation; forms reading habits, methods, and skills for students, which is an important factor contributing to the development of reading culture in schools and community.
After eight months of launching and implementation, the contest attracted more than one million participants who are pupils and students from almost 5,400 primary, secondary, high schools, universities and institutions. At the ceremony, the contest organizers awarded two ambassador prizes, collective prizes, eight first prizes, 16 second prizes, 52 third prizes, 180 consolation prizes and some thematic prizes for the best entries.
Previously, from March 25 to May 31, 2020, An Giang University actively responded to the contest with more than 50 entries from AGU pupils and students. After the Preliminary Round, the University Organizers selected nine entries (eight papers and one clip) for the continuous participation in the national round (including three entries of Che Thi Ngoc Han, a student in Class DH18NV from Education Faculty).

Huynh Cam – An Giang University Library (information collector)

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Sinh viên Chế Thị Ngọc Hân tại buổi lễ tổng kết trao giải
Che Thi Ngoc Han, AGU student at the Closing and Awarding Ceremony


Ngọc Hân (bìa trái) vinh dự nhận giải Khuyến khích tại Cuộc thi “Đại sứ Văn hóa đọc” toàn quốc
Ngoc Han (on the left) was honored to receive the Consolation prize at the national "Reading Culture Ambassador" Contest





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