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Recently, the group of students from the Vuon Thuoc Nam Club (Vietnamese medicinal herbs garden club) which belongs to the Student Association of An Giang University (VNU-HCM) participated in the final round of the 1st contest on "Students and Intellectual Property Rights 2020 with theme: "Sustainable Startup Based on Intellectual Property Rights".

This contest was organized by the Center of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Information Technology Park, Department of Intellectual Property and the Youth Union Committee of VNU-HCM.
The AGU students participated in the contest with their project "Online Medicinal Herbs Garden" (VTNO). The project aims to build a digital data system on medicinal plants, in order to preserve and provide detailed information about medicinal plants through QR codes, which enables people to look up information about medicinal herbs easily.
The project VTNO got results with two awards “Potential Project” and “Most Favoured Project”.
The 1st Contest on "Students and Intellectual Property Rights 2020” provided students with an environment to promote creativity, seek ideas and initiatives among students. It was also a scientific, intellectual playground and promoted innovative activities for students. In particular, the contest facilitated the protection of intellectual property rights for satisfactory projects, and contributed to creating a legal foundation to increase the sustainability of student startup projects.

Van Lien – CD42TH
Translate by Na Uy

Dự án của nhóm được giới thiệu trên website của cuộc thi
AGU Student’s project presented on the contest’s website


Đại diện nhóm nhận giải “Dự án được yêu thích nhất” từ BTC
The Project’s representative receiving Most Favoured Project Award


Giấy chứng nhận “Dự án được yêu thích nhất”
The Certificate of Most Favoured Project


Đại diện nhóm nhận giải “Dự án tiềm năng”
The Project’s representative receiving Potential Project Award


Nhóm chụp hình lưu niệm cùng BTC và các bạn sinh viên tham gia cuộc thi
The Project group taking photos with the Organizers and other participants


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