On April 28 and 29, 2021, An Giang University received a delegation of external assessment experts for an official survey. The expert team conducted an external assessment of 4 training programs of the University according to AUN-QA standards including: Mathematics Education, Literature Education, English Language and English Language Teacher Education.

The external assessment team from VNH-HCM Center for Educational Testing and Quality Assessment (CETQA) consists of 13 members, led by Dr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh - Director of CETQA. An Giang University’s Presidential Board Receiving along with the University’s Self-Assessment Council, representatives of leaders, lecturers, and students worked with the delegation.
The registration for external assessment by the education accreditation organization demonstrates the autonomy and responsibility for the training, scientific research and social service of the university. This official survey aims to help the university recognize strengths and weaknesses in training programs; then have a suitable improvement plan and improve the quality of activities for the official AUN-QA assessment.
At the working sessions, the expert team studied the self-assessment report, reviewed the evidence, and interviewed stakeholders. Particularly, the delegation directly interviewed representatives of the University's leaders, leaders of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Foreign Languages, the department of quality assurance; representatives of the supporting staff of the University and Faculties; representatives of the teaching staff in the programs; representatives of students and alumni; and representatives of businesses that employ graduates from the training program. At the same time, the delegation also visited the facilities in the areas of the departments, the Library and conducted a site survey of teaching, learning, and extracurricular activities at the University.
At the closing meeting, the expert team exchanged and made initial comments on the assessment results, identified the strengths of the training programs around the following points: program design, program implementation, organizational conditions and quality assurance system. At the same time, the experts also pointed out what needs to be improved so that the programs will be highly assessed in the future.
On the basis of the quality assessment program, in addition to the purpose of improving the training quality, An Giang University considers this an opportunity to comprehensively review the university's activities. After the VNU-HCM level survey, the University will quickly implement solutions to the limitations according to the experts’ comments, and proceed to the AUN-QA external assessment as scheduled.

AGU Reports

Translated by Na Uy

Đoàn phỏng vấn lãnh đạo Khoa Sư phạm và Bộ môn Sư phạm Toán, Sư phạm Ngữ văn
The expert team interviewing the leaders of Faculty of Pedagogy and two programs: Mathematics Teacher Education and Literature Teacher Education


TS Nguyễn Phương Thảo - Trưởng khoa Sư phạm giới thiệu với các chuyên gia về Khoa
Dr Nguyen Phuong Thao, Pedagogy Faculty Dean giving an introduction of the faculty to the experts


Đoàn phỏng vấn lãnh đạo Khoa Ngoại ngữ và ngành Ngôn ngữ Anh, Sư phạm tiếng Anh
The expert team interviewing the leaders of Faculty of Foreign Languages and two programs: English Language and English Language Teacher Education


Đoàn phỏng vấn lãnh đạo các giảng viên của CTĐT được đánh giá
The expert team interviewing lecturers of the the programs


Dr. Nguyen Thi My Ngoc, CETQA’s Vice Director, questioning in the interview


Mr Tran Tung Chinh (MA), a lecturer of the Literature Teacher Education program answering questions from the experts


The expert team interviewing leaders from training supporting units


The expert team interviewing staff from training supporting units


The expert team having site surveys and exchange information with staff units


The expert team visiting the library and examining its facilities


The expert team visiting Faculty of Education and examining its facilities


The expert team visiting the Academic Affairs Office


Dr Nguyen Quoc Chinh - CETQA’s Director pointing out strengths and weakness of the training programs


The expert team from CETQA and the AGU Self-Assessment Council members


A group photo


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