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On August 2, 2018 the Resource Center for Community Development (RCCD), An Giang University (AGU) had a special welcome to the delegates and students of Yuhan University (YuhanU), Korea.

This visit aims to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between YuhanU and AGU and to organize some community service activities for YuhanU and AGU students.

Sinh viên AGU chào đón sinh viên YuhanU
AGU students welcomed the delegates and students of YuhanU
Sinh viên hai trường cùng giao lưu với nhau
The students exchanged their information together
Sinh viên AGU và YuhanU dạy ngôn ngữ Việt – Hàn cho nhau
The students learned Vietnamese and Korean languages

From August 2 to August 10, 2018 the program has two main activities. Firstly, an MoU will be signed for future exchange programs between YuhanU and AGU. Secondly, the students will take part in community service activities in An Giang province such as Vietnamese and Korean cultural exchange programs for students at AGU, Long Xuyen High School, Pedagogical Practice School; Korean cuisine, make-up, Taekwondo, and language classes. 

Beside that, YuhaU and AGU students will participate in some meaningful activities like visiting and offering gifts to disadvantaged families in My Khanh commune and the elderly and kids at the Center for Social Welfare in An Giang province. 

Through the activities, the students of both universities can get new experiences about Vietnamese and Korean cultures and develop collaboration between YuhanU and AGU.

Các sinh viên cùng chơi trò chơi tập thể
The students took part in out door activities together
Sinh viên hai trường trở nên thân thiết hơn qua các trò chơi
The students enjoyed playing games

Minh Chien – Resource Center for Community Development

Translated by Chi Do Na

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