On the afternoon of 14th June 2019, Resource Center for Community Development (RCCD), An Giang University (AGU) cooperated with MBA Institute in holding a workshop on “Introducing International Programs Held at An Giang University According to Hybrid Learning Model and Short-term Studying abroad in Asia”

Attending the workshop were M.A Tran Minh Tung - Regional Academic Director - MBA Institute Da Nang; Dr. Huynh Thanh Tien - Director of RCCD; officers in government departments and schools in An Giang Province; lecturers and students in AGU.

TS. Huỳnh Thanh Tiến -  Giám đốc Trung tâm Tạo nguồn nhân lực phát triển cộng đồng giới thiệu chung về Hội thảo
Dr. Huynh Thanh Tien - Director of RCCD generally introduced the workshop


Quang cảnh Hội thảo
The view of the workshop


Đông đảo sinh viên tham dự
Many students attended the workshop


At the workshop, attendants heard M.A Tran Thanh Tung introduce Hybrid Learning Model - interactive collaborative training. This model not only increases success rates and ensure quality of international programs, but it is also time-saving and especially appropriate for busy people who want to balance working, learning and daily life.  Accordingly, M.A Tran Minh Tung consulted international programs further such as: (1) Dual diploma of Business Administration by MUST - Malaysia University of Science and Technology (sponsored by MIT) and the best organization of practical training in the United Kingdom Chartered Management Institute; (2) Dual diploma of Exclusive Hotel and Restaurant Management in English according to criteria of European Union and in Polish according to criteria of exchange students in Poland; (3) Dual Diploma of Master of International Education, Doctorate of Education in  Horizons University - France, the program was developed according to Sandwich model which is a combination of short-term studying abroad in Asian campus and a stage of researching in local areas; (4) Doctorate of Management - the program and its diploma is in English,...

ThS. Trần Minh Tùng - Giám đốc học thuật khu vực - Viện MBA Đà Nẵng báo cáo tại Hội thảo
M.A Tran Minh Tung - Regional Academic Director - MBA Institute Da Nang presented at the workshop


Đại biểu đại diện cơ quan ban ngành Tỉnh trao đổi cùng diễn giả
Representatives of provincial government departments exchange information with the presenter


On this occasion, M.A Tran Minh Tung talked about detailed information of international accreditation of programs, and he also clearly mentioned criteria of attending for learners (they must graduate from bachelors of majors: if they graduated from colleges, they must have the minimum two-year working experience): timetables, tuition fee and system of assistance, schedule, locations of programs are suitable for workers (on Saturdays and Sundays). Particularly, attending short-term training programs, learners can get 0% - interest-rate loan from partner banks to support for their learning, English assistance and assistants.

Cán bộ giảng viên Trường Đại học An Giang trình bày ý kiến với diễn giả
Lecturers in AGU exchange information with the presenter


It’s the first time AGU has cooperated on developing international programs with Hybrid Learning model and short-term studying abroad in Asia. This program is suitable for workers with reasonable tuition fee and the system of assistance for learners. Planned time for opening classes in on September 2019, and learners can register at RCCD.

Huynh Cam - An Giang University Library

Translated by Le Do Thai

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