On September 14, An Giang University cooperated with the MBA Institute for a workshop on "Introducing the Master of Business Administration program of Horizon University Paris, France."

Speaking at the opening of the program, Assoc. Prof Dr. Vo Van Thang - Rector of AGU emphasized that the workshop is one of the meaningful activities within the framework of the cooperation agreements between An Giang University and the MBA Institute to help learners understand clearly about the program before choosing to study. The Rector hoped that An Giang University and the MBA Institute would have more high-quality international training programs for An Giang province and the Mekong Delta region in the near future.

Đại diện cán bộ các Phòng ban, Thư viện tham dự chương trình
Representatives of the Faculties and libraries attended the program


Cựu sinh viên và sinh viên quan tâm đến chương trình
Alumni and students


PGS,TS.Võ Văn Thắng- Hiệu trưởng Trường Đại học An Giang phát biểu
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang - Rector of An Giang University spoke in the workshop


PGS,TS.Võ Văn Thắng tặng quà lưu niệm cho quý đại biểu
Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang - Rector of An Giang University presented the gift to delegates

Attending the program, the delegates are introduced information about Horizons University, the development process of the MBA program in the world and the benefits that the program brings to learners. Significantly, Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, the director of the Vietnam MBA Institute introduced information about international accreditation of the Master of International Business Administration program with 28 dual degrees. Learners can receive two French - English Master's degrees at the same time. Moreover, Dr. Dung detailed the conditions for participation, graduation requirements and the support system of the Vietnam MBA Institute.

TS. Chang Chee Seng – Đại diện Châu Á của Trường Đại học Horizon Paris, Pháp báo cáo
Dr. Chang Chee Seng – Asia Representative of Horizon University Paris, France reported


Ông Franco – Giám đốc học thuật chương trình iMBA của Viện MBA Việt Nam chia sẻ các thông tin về những lợi ích của chương trình
Mr. Franco – Academic Director of the iMBA Program of the Vietnam MBA Institute shared information about the program's benefits


TS Nguyễn Văn Dũng trình bày
Dr. Nguyen Van Dung gave his presentation


Đại biểu quan tâm chương trình đặt câu hỏi với Viện MBA
Program delegates


Bà Vũ Thị Hương Giang -  Giám đốc học thuật của Viện MBA Việt Nam giải đáp thắc mắc về chương trình học
Vu Thi Huong Giang - Academic Director of Vietnam MBA Institute answered questions about the study program


Quý đại biểu cùng chụp ảnh lưu niệm
Delegates took a souvenir photo

The planned time for opening classes is October 5, 2019, and learners can register at the Resource Center for Community Development (RCCD).
For further details about this program, please visit: https://rccd.agu.edu.vn/vi/news/Tin-tuc/chuong-trinh-thac-si-quan-tri-kinh-doanh-bang-kep-phap-anh-quoc-tai-dai-hoc-an-giang-190.html



Huynh Cam - An Giang University Library

Translated by Huynh Linh – DH19TA1

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