“Virtuous and talented men are state sustaining elements”

Than Nhan Trung (1419 – 1499)

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Tổng quan về Trường Đại học An Giang

Overview Of An Giang University

An Giang University was established on the basis of An Giang College of Education, in accordance with the Prime Minister's Decision No. 241/1999/QĐ- TTg dated December 30, 1999, as a public training institute in the universities of Vietnam. The university embraces the mission of a center for training human resources (multi-level and multidisciplinary) in order to meet the learning needs in An Giang province and the Mekong Delta; conducting research and applying technology to meet local socio-economic development requirements in the process of industrialization, modernization and international integration”...

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Chính sách đảm bảo chất lượng

Quality assurance policy

AGU’s policy on quality assurance is based on constant innovation and integration in training; creativity and dynamism in research and technology transfer; and merging theory to practice to equip students with the knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing world.Build an effective, professional, responsible and creative management system; apply effective procedures, computerization in management and modern quality assurance system (ISO and “5S”) to create a qualified higher standard education environment.Promote the potential and dedication of all members in management, teaching and learning activities, research and technology transfer; build the school becomes a clean, strong community & raise its competitive position in the region and in the world.

Development strategies

Staff Development

Attracting and developing human resource with high quality and capability; promoting the core values of the school; affirming the University as a place that attracts generations of people dedicated to teaching, are passionate about science, and aspire to helping the future development of the University and the country.

Facility Modernization

Constructing modern and comfortable facilities meeting educational needs; expanding within the available land; gradually modernizing teaching facilities, creating recreational facilities; improving working and learning conditions of staff and students; modernizing the library’s learning resources, laboratory practices and equipment for research and teaching.

Training curriculum development

Designing and developing high-quality educational programs for undergraduate and graduate programs. The programs are designed to international standards in order to meet the increasing and diverse needs of society and employers’ requirements; piloting teaching some courses in English; planning high-quality training curricula at graduate levels for a number of key subjects; and continuing to evaluate training programs in accordance with the ANU standard.

Teaching method Innovation

New teaching and learning methods in order to create unique, exciting and challenging experiences, to develop students’ knowledge, skills, and personality; helping students grasp quickly and efficiently necessary knowledge and skills to meet the increasing requirements of labor markets.

Research Capability Enhancement

Promoting scientific research and technology transfer in the province’s, and region’s, key fields; creating a research culture; forming scientific research teams throughout the countr to carry out key research programs directly serving the needs of society, and the needs of developing higher education.

International Cooperation Development

Expanding partner relationships in the region and worldwide in training, scientific research and other academic activities; creating international experiences for staff to gradually improve their capability; and developing an internationally recognised university.